Prince Regal and the Forgotten Friends

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Prince Regal is trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, while Roger the tipper truck seems completely determined to upset everyone. . . The problem is that the toys have been in Bobby’s parents’ attic for a very, very long time. Even Merrybelle, the eternally happy Christmas fairy, is beginning to think that they may never be found. Will someone come? Will the toys ever leave the attic? Is grumpy Roger right and the friends will remain in the attic forever? Read the book already – why not enter our free competition?

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3 thoughts on “Prince Regal and the Forgotten Friends

  1. What a lovely little book for children to read alone or have read to them. Children’s minds are inquisitive and this certainly feeds their mind. Ideal for school reads as discussion can take place through the excitement.

  2. Your children will love this!
    By Deb McEwan (Multi-genre author) on November 14, 2015
    Format: Kindle Edition
    Prince Regal and the Forgotten Friends is full of wonderful toy characters that children or adults will be able to relate to. Among them are Prince Regal, the leader and inspiration to many of the others, Merrybelle, always smiling and trying to look on the bright side and Ted who soldiers on, despite his difficulties. Then there’s Roger. Suffice to say that most adults have met a ‘Roger’ at some time in their lives. The toys are in a predicament and despite Prince Regal’s best efforts, Roger is determined to make his job a lot more difficult.
    This is a lovely story with delightful rhymes and illustrations at the end of each chapter that summarise the previous chapter or give hints about what may happen next. Children will be captivated and will absolutely love it!
    Highly recommended.

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